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Dwayne Moore - Dental Consultant

Dwayne Moore - Dental Consultant

Dwayne Moore

Dwayne’s professional career spans more that 20 years, starting in the computer industry working for marketing firms, large technology companies and a college. In 2005 Dwayne switched to the dental industry, starting off as a Level 2 Assistant and working his way up to Office Manager for several large practices.

Dwayne’s computer experience gave him exposure to the corporate world of systems and he has been very successful at applying those skills to the dental industry. This unique combination has allowed him to make a lasting improvement in every office he has worked at. Dwayne is passionate about the dental industry and is moving to consulting to share his experience and help practices achieve their goals.

Every dental practice is unique and no single system will work in every office, however the principles behind it will. With proper monitoring and tracking we will implement new or tweak existing systems for areas that need improvement.


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